Water District #119

32730 NE Big Rock Rd ~ Duvall, WA 98019 ~ 425 788-2885
Office Hours : Monday - Thursday ~ 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Know your Meter

The district currently utilizes 2 different types of meters. Use the following pictures to detemine your meter and note the type of flow indicator it features.

Neptune Touch-Read Meter

The most common meter in the district is the Neptune touch-read meter. Its flow indicator is the red triangle on the left. It will spin when water is flowing.

The indicator may spin forward and back slightly. This is usually just small amounts of pressure equalization and is not indicative of a leak.

Neptune Radio-Read Meter

Installed in some locations is this Neptune radio-read meter. It has a light-activated display, so a flashlight is required to read the usage and flow. The display toggles between the total usage and rate displays. The flow indicator is a right pointing arrow that will appear above the total usage display when water is flowing.

Over time, all other meters in the district will be replaced with this model.